FSV Group offers a wide range of services for the aquaculture industry along the entire coast


Through a systematic focus on quality and acquiring modern equipment, FSV Group has become one of the leading actors in our industry. We are now in a position where we can offer our customers high quality services in several areas:

  • Establishment of aquaculture sites, from planning to completed site

  • Towing, towage and moving of floating installations, such as floating cranes, vessels and feed rafts

  • Parasite treatment of fish, both medicinal and non-medicinal

  • Subsea inspections using a modern range of ROV system or divers

  • All small service assignments within aquaculture and maritime operations



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FSV has extensive experience with mooring tasks and has built a competitive advantage through high levels of expertise and the ability to carry out sophisticated projects.

FSV has established a competitive advantage through high levels of expertise and the ability to carry out sophisticated projects. All work carried out by FSV Group companies must be performed in accordance with relevant regulations: the Aquaculture Act, the NYTEK-regulations, NS 9415: 2009 and User manuals. Contact us for a fixed price for the installation of fish farms.


Fish processing


FSV was the first company on the market to offer non-medicinal treatment (IMM) of fish from purpose-built barges.

FSV offers delousing with its own systems or assists with support vessels and crews for various delousing operations. Our employees have a high level of expertise in fish treatment, and we focus on gentle and efficient operations that prioritise fish welfare.




FSV owns and operates special vessels and equipment adapted to inspection and diving operations.

Typical diving services include net inspection, bolt drilling and mooring inspection. Our vessels also have equipment for precise seafloor mapping (WASSP).




FSV owns and operates 6 ROV systems used for inspection work.

Inspections are performed both in connection with net inspection, inspection of mooring systems, installation of new farming equipment, and for risk assessment and compliance with regulatory requirements.